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Default Re: Pharisee Masons tumbling down as promised

Originally Posted by rwbovee View Post
We know the Masonic Lodge is not Christian. They promote partiality to others Masons, while the Apostle Paul told Timothy to be "doing nothing by partiality." When you see supposed Christians promoting partiality toward somebody you can guess that they're probably Masons.
You're comparing apples and oranges here. No, the Masonic Lodge is NOT "Christian" and nor is it ANY religion. It is a place for people of ALL religious denominations.

Now, as for partiality, it is NOT promoted in Masonry but it does occur as with any other group such as friends, family, etc. This is not unusual. In fact, that's pretty much how things work these days. Not saying that it's "right" or "wrong" but that's just how it is. However, the nepotism that people THINK goes on is a farce. Masons are HARDER on each other than on other people.
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