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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

Jimbo wrote:
Gifted Musician Doesn't Recognize Who He Is :-o :-o :-o

<img src=>
Piano Man

'I'm not Piano Man', Says Czech

Mind-Control Victim? , most likely after you read

Re: Who is behind mind-control? Post #4 Walking Zombies


Something strange comes over me when I look at his picture. Sadness!! As if I was once like that. He appears to be in a trance. Void of all feelings. Numb.

Couldn't have been that I knew him from the past. He's too young. But, "mystery man" was repeating some time ago. Thought I knew someone from my "amnesic" past who I referred to as the Mystery Man.

Odd that he is a gifted musician!! Well, not really. Many seem to have talents. Wonder what he did to deserve this.

Walking zombies being released into society!!

Anyway, sometimes when information is there, it usually repeats, but many times I don't know the connection until it is revealed; however, I have a strong sense that it means something because of the repetition!!

Perhaps I haven't used my skills as proficient as I should if they truly do exist because I don't really recognize this phenomena.

Or, could be that this is a "covert" operation on their part to "trigger" me into "false" memories?

Or, could be a discrediting tactic to make one believe that they have a sixth sense! Announce that publicly and WHEW you're kicking up some DEVILS and DUST!!!

There would have to be two explanations for the receipent of the information and both would be completely "out there" even according to ME!!!

A more logical explanation would be that one's house is wired, conversations are heard and then follow-up ensues to make one believe they are clairvoyant, etc.

I remember childhood experiences in the same way and being met with intrepidation. Of course, I was confused, too, to say the least.

But, what purpose would that serve in the instance of the sniper, virus and other information I received beforehand?

Don't want to get too out there for other readers.

Not sure you understand, but what the hell, we are all educating each other!

One for all and all for one!!

In Peace,

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