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Default Ron Paul at LSU - He bet his life that the Jews get away with 911

Picture the WTC complex, trials and executions are underway, gallows are straining under the weight of US citizens, who conspired with traitor Jews in carrying out the attacks.

GWB's body is swinging beside Barak Obama's, Rummy is there dangling by his neck, Giuliani is hangin' alongside, Condi has been beheaded, in deference to good taste and human dignity, since oft times when a woman is hanged, her guts pops out from you-know-where!

Now we have come to the Jews, who were warned and saved themselves to the tune of so many thousands, in response to which I have decided that mass gassing, is the most humane way of exing that many.

Forty bulldozers and a hundred Mack trucks are waiting, their engines idling, a glass walled gas chamber has been built, investors in put option schemes that made millions, those who received warnings from NY synagogues, and the ones who distributed the warnings are led inside.

Family groups have not been separated.. there a few sporadic attempts at jocularity, and some small amount of singing as they shuffle in, then I seal the exits, like the doors to the roofs on the WTC Towers were sealed..

The exhaust from the diesel engines on the trucks and bulldozers has been diverted into a header, I activate the mechanism that causes the engines to roar to life, then flick the switch that diverts the lethal fumes into the glass walled chamber, and I gas the Jews!

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