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Default Re: Coming of the Antichrist

yea, i can see him coming back. i think ive read one of the books of enoch, it was either enoch or it was something else that had a strange name. and yea, i believe this whole dragon thing to be illuminati. but thats a different story. nostradamus believed himself to be a fallen angel, thought he was michael the archangel. i think it was removed because it was 'uninspirational' or in other words, the truth was hidden from the people to protect the people. kinda like a shepherd not telling the sheep that a wolf came around the other day. obamas got forces going to africa for blood diamonds and other minerals. its messed up. alot of people will die at the hands of the US. watch the news october 11. its going to be about Liberia. Obama will be involved in the back story. there will be another civil war involving cannibalism and the country being split into factions by discrimination. i was told by one of the civilians there that United states military are the ones that introduced them to warfare, weaponry, combat, and drugs.
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