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Well, that about sums it all up in a nutshell!!

Let's see, I'm 49 and for 49 years plus how many more decades? people have been donating to Cancer, Heart, Lung, MD, etc. charities.

WOW!! That's alot of loot and no cures in sight. Not even a break-through.

They are, however, able to develop new drugs through the pharmaceutical companies THEY own and test them on us all the while taking money from our pockets and putting it into their bank accounts!!

We're just guinea pigs!!

GAWD, can you bear these commercials that recommend we ask our doctors for various drugs and the list of side effects that may accompany the use of the drug?

I ask you, after viewing these commericals, do you seriously believe these drugs are going to help your condition or make it worse????

In Peace,

So, with diseases come charities. Wonder how much RESEARCH money they've collected for AIDS? A virus, I believe, they created and unleashed in Africa. One million in America are infected with HIV. Is this the pandemic I'm hearing about? Not a pandemic yet, but certainly sounds like that's the path it is taking.

Wonder how much money collected by charities actually fund research and how much funds covert/black ops and MIND CONTROL PROGRAMS!!!
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