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Exclamation Greetings Intrepid Cyperpeople Everywhere - I mean no harm to you

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Perhaps you've heard about me. I am Steven Joseph Christopher, also affectionately known to my ardent followers as "Stevie". I am the one and only Messiah. The renown of my Identity has increasingly become nascent amidst the wise forum folk in other locales. I'm here to usher in My Millenial Kindgom of the New World Order, Me, being the one and only, much anticipated Apotheosis that this country's forefathers have only dreamed of imagining coming to fruition. I wish to engage in healthy constructive communication with you, in which I have much in the model of enlightenment, guidance and education to offer you. I should warn you not to flippantly remonstrate or expostulate my pearls of wisdom. Initially I assume you all to possess the spirit of uprightness and anti-derogatory vocalization while communicating with me. I'd like to think I am here to help raise the standard in web polemics. So listen closely and I will show you the way.

First, become familiar with my video introducing the Mark to humanity....

more to come.....

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