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Default Re: Mind Control Programming - MKULTRA

For the record, as far ALIENS, well, could be that these memories were "implanted" in mind control victims for discrediting purposes; however, I still do believe as I said on previous threads that they have suppressed technology from us, whether it is FREE ENERGY or not. Some technology, of course, they use to their advantage against us, and hence their reason for suppression.

What irritates me is that many sites on the web that seem to have credible information about mind control programs, some are listed here, also have information about aliens and technology that can be targeted at an individual and then go on to advise the person to wear a tin foil hat.

To the onlooker, the layman, these two items alone discredit mind control victims who have made their stories public and any other victims who have not. This is a disservice.

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Mind control programs can be verified through CIA documents. Of course, not all of the SRA abuse, etc., but at least there is documentation.

There isn't any PROOF of aliens nor is there any proof of high-powered technology being targeted at individuals that cause a myriad of symptoms.

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