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Default Re: Michael Savage: CFR part of NWO

Max wrote:
At the tail end of Michael Savages talk show on Monday 6/20/05 he got onto talking about the New World Order elites- mentioned how the Council of Foreign Relations wants to end US sovereignty to bring about a one world government New World Order.

He said both Republican and Democrat parties are going the way of one world government, selling out America for their gain.

He said no one believes him and said "New World Order" maybe 4-5 times.

Odd since he is a neo-con shill who loves war.

I wish I had a transcript- anyone have it or a mp3?

"No one believes him?" Well, if they don't believe him, poor baby, then I guess he's talking to the wrong people.

How can he be a neo-con shill and love war and sound the "alarm" button against the very people he supports?

Perplexing to say the least....
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