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If this isn't a pandemic, what is?

Pandemic; epidemic across a large region!!


Maybe, we'll be next!!! Seems the way we're heading. Infect us with diseases. Good way to decrease the population, the demand for oil, (by the way, weren't we trying to make a deal for a pipeline in Afghanistan before 911?) Didn't the Taliban reject this? Caspean Sea!! Wealth of oil!!

They believe that it is their responsibility to CONTROL the POPULATION and that they must do so to PRESERVE the OIL RESERVES!!! If they don't have oil to sell, how will they remain wealthy???? Without wealth in numbers within their SOCIETY, they cannot control. Wealth to them equals power and power equals control.

I truly believe that since America does not possess natural resources comparable to any other nation, bringing us to a third world country is their plan.

They can rule from the White House and live in granduer style just as any other leader does in an oppressive nation.

What better reason to invade Afghanistan then to stage a terror attack here in America, blame it on Bin Laden, go to Afghanistan, take over the poppy fields and install a pipeline.

Oh, yes, and GOSS has a GOOD IDEA where Bin Laden is!! Really, he does!!! SO GO GET HIM!!!!!!!!

Is there really going to be a peak oil crisis? According to an article today, the answer is NO!!!

Their answer was due to NEW TECHNOLOGY and millions of dollars we will not experience an OIL CRISIS!!

Huh??? What NEW TECHNOLOGY???????? Please explain.

An oil crisis is looming!!

Reason they must CONQUER the "cradle of civilization."

Oil rich nations and Nigeria (diamonds, uranium and petroleum)!!

Another Bush lie; Iraq tried to buy or bought uranium from Nigeria.

Another Bush lie; they didn't OUT Valerie Plume!!!


Every day 6,500 people in Africa die from HIV/AIDS?

More than 300 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa live on less than one dollar a day?
I thought you would be interested to learn more about what's going on to stop these crises at The ONE Campaign. Americans from all over are lending their voices to this campaign and helping to fight global AIDS and poverty--one person and one vote at a time.

Please visit website and learn how you too can get involved by signing the declaration.
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