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Default Re: Greetings Intrepid Cyperpeople Everywhere - I mean no harm to you

The New Jerusalem (Mt. Zion)

Upon Uluru in Australia

“The Stone that the builders rejected has become the Head of the Corner” Psalm 118:22
(Little did one realize that Uluru is in the shape of an arrowhead and a sperm whale with a corner and a head.)

From an aerial top view, Uluru is in the shape of a giant arrowhead, and the tip of that head resembles a large smiling sperm whale. So, we have a corner and a head, and upon that “head of the corner” I will build my 1,000 foot in diameter walled City of God. It will have 12 sides and many of the descriptions are cleverly encoded/decoded from the book of Revelation. In the comical sense, a furlong is the length of an average fox fur follicle (1 inch), so 12,000 furlongs equals 1,000 feet. This is how I have “hidden these these from the wise and prudent and revealed them unto babes, for it seemed wonderful in my sight.”.

In the center of the city will be a extremely tall elevator shaft which doubles as a drain pipe stemming from the top of the glass sky,
where my throne will be built. Children will have the pleasure of being taken up to heaven ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory style.
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