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Default Re: Greetings Intrepid Cyperpeople Everywhere - I mean no harm to you

The Throne in Heaven. (Itís for kids.) When the sun and moon stop over Uluru and form an eclipse, the glass sky will sag lower in altitude, of which we will have access to via helicopters and the main elevator shaft. This is the ďmultitudes on a sea of glassĒ which will accumulate water by condensation and pour down to earth via the shaft which is the River of Life. Hydro-electric turbines will power the city.

Although tastelessly graphic, this is the true interpretation of the lady from Revelation 12 with a crown of 12 stars on her head giving birth to the man child who was taken up to heaven while the mouth of the serpent waited. Itís all non moral code. Itís not a battle between good and evil. The crown is the 12 sided city of Zion.

When the sun and moon stop to form a stationary solar eclipse, the whole earth will burn because of the stationary heat of the sun, which will act like a magnifying glass. The only area of safety will be the continent of Australia because the shadow (Umbra) of the moon will cover it. The land will be replenished and become like the Garden of Eden. Only my Marked (Sealed) people will be allowed into my Kingdom. This is the Harvest. ďAll nations shall gather together."

Atmospheric conditions will change dramatically as well. There will be less pressure thus allowing structures to be built higher, and no wind.

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