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Default Personal UFO Experiences

My Personal UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) Experience – :-o :-o :-o

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Aliens – Abduction Series by Steve Neil 4

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Granted I have never seen a UFO or known anyone who swears they have ever being abducted. However, one time I had the following experience – I was outside by the driveway at a friend’s house, & we were talking while looking up to the sky. It was a cool night, the sky was clear, full of stars, & you couldn’t help it but to look up. All of the sudden I spotted a moving “light” which had the same shape, color, & luminosity as any other “star.” The object was moving, literally, from east to west. It was not moving on a straight line, since we know when we see a far away airplane how it moves in a straight line. This object was moving w/ the curvature of the earth. It was so far bright, & luminous, that it looked just like any other star. Now, shortly thereafter, I also noticed there was another object moving in synchronicity w/ this one object, however, this other one was moving from south to north. My friend & I were both looking & talking about what we were experiencing, & we were both completely amazed by the experience. Well, the 2 objects crossed paths in the exact middle of the “night sky” & continued their trajectories to the north & to the west, while both keeping their same exact brightness, no trails of any kind, no noise, & nothing else that could explain to us what we just experienced. The whole thing took about perhaps 3 minutes tops, for them to cross the entire sky. Could they have been our own satellites? Perhaps. They were going super fast.

NOTE: I started this post w/ the purpose of just sharing our personal UFO experiences, for those of us who have had them, & nothing else. Certainly not to discuss, discredit, or start arguing about believe systems, satanists, black-ops, or anything else for that matter. You can do that w/ another topic-post elsewhere.


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