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Default Re: Enemies of Humanity: Top 100 Globalists

There are so many its difficult to know where to begin. As mentioned above Michael Gorbachev is certainly still very high up and some people strongly suspect he will re-emerge as something important. He runs the Gorbachev Foundation that is very much a New Age thing and I suppose it functions in a similar way to the Rockefeller Foundation funding feminism and homosexuals. Continuing with the new age theme there are a few others such as David Spangler, Benjamin Crème and RJ Stewart from the house of Stewart (Illuminati). The Findhorn organisation in Scotland is central to the New Age.

Another important person who is very much involved is George Soros and all of his foundations. The recent Ukrainian political unrest is just the latest to be partly supported by political movements backed by his never-ending supply of money. He seems to function as one of the main channels of funding from the central bankers who are shy about revealing their identity. It’s like what the CIA is to the NSA where everything done by the NSA uses the CIA as a front.
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