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Default Re: We Are Being Poisoned - 5 Ways That Diet Coke Will Make You Fat

What exactly do you mean by slowing down metabolism? Does aspartame make you stop walking? Stop your heart from beating or your fingers from using the keyboard? All of these things take energy/calories. Not once did i here you say how many calories are in a pound of fat. There are 4077 calories in a pound of fat and 3500 in a pound of human bodyfat, human bodyfat contains a larger amount of water thats why there are less calories that make up a pound. We all burn calories off at the same rate, we always have and we always will. Calories can be directly converted into joules and also newtons if need be. If you lift a small apple 20cm of the ground you are burning 1 joule of energy. If my little sister does the same thing she is also burning 1 joule. If you are interested in knowing how many calories a day your own body burns at rest google BMR. Most of these formulas are very acurate. Were it gets tricky is even though we all burn calories off at the same rate, we dont store them all the same. If i eat a 2000 calories pizza my body might store 400 calories as fat, and your body might store 550. Usually most human bodys store and nearly the same rate. If your BMR plus whatever extra calories your burn with exercise are more then the amount of calories you put in your mouth each day, you are GUARANTEED to loss weight. So are you trying to say that aspartame is controlling your mind and making you eat cookies? If you are that weak minded then please email me because i would love to sell you a very large and very expensive personal training program, because thats what i do for a living. Some people do have a phenalalinene, however you spell that, sensativity that gives them headaches. If you dont have that then aspartame is fine.
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