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Default Herman Cain, a black Ron Paul

Both are culpable as terrorist infrastructure, for spurning hard evidence implicating Hillary Clinton & Barak Obama as murderers, and against the Jews for the 911 attacks!

Herman Cain


July 19, 2010 -- White House ramps up damage control over Obama Chicago gay history - Wayne Madsen Report White House ramps up damage control, over Obama Chicago gay history .. Donald Young, whose bullet ridden body was found in his Chicago apartment, 23 December 2007, at the height of the 2007 Democratic Presidential Primary, is said to have had a homosexual relationship with Barak Obama, and to have been killed to prevent details of the relationship, jeopardizing O's opportunity to become President!

Vincent Foster: Hillary's fingerprints on Foster's records. .. Hillary Clinton has been linked to the 1992 killing, of White House aide Vince Foster, and according to the i'net, as many as 300 more suspicious deaths, she is a criminal and should be prosecuted, for the appalling record of murder and intimidation, that accompanied her and husband Bill's tenure, as Governors of Arkansas and at the White House, and for complicity in war crimes and murder, as US Secretary of State.

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