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Default Protecting our Military Personnel!!

Well, it seems, folks, that even the top brass in the Marine Corps acknowledged that they waited two months to issue a contract for armor kits to protect the undersides of humvees after promising to do so earlier this year.

Gen. William Nyland, the assistant commandant of the Marine Corps, and Brig. General William D. Catto, the chief of Marine Corps Systems Command attributed the delay to a lack of leadership.

They assured the committee that all humvees and military trucks that the Marines used in Iraq would be adequatedly protected by December.


For crying in another bucket.

It's JUNE!!

GAWD do these people have their priorities screwed up or what!?!

I guess if THEY were facing combat, these issues would be more IMPORTANT!!

Lack of leadership!!!!! they say!!

Okay, fine, whatever!!!

Those who have loved ones driving humvees in Iraq unprotected, this is your opportunity to let your voices be heard!!!

In Peace,

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