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Default Re: Who-really-runs-glp-godlikeproductions? Stay away from GLPs...spread the message!

Originally Posted by Hemlocks View Post
After visiting/posting on Godlike Productions over the last year, and being banned numerous times for posting the truth, I had come to the conclusion that GLP is a social experiment and is geared to sway the various posters via lies and half truths...the owner and mods are working for the system.

Matrix of Conspiracy: Who Really Runs "GLP"
glp is nuthing but a hand full of members with more then one user id. to make it look enviteing. and when yoiu hit the nail on the head they cry like babys
i was there and after i got insults that would shock anyone i told them where to go and exit right stage left out of there. just like this forum. you read right. i was bannd from this forum by blue somthing or other for not agreeing with the idiot clains they made. i could tell them the sky is blue and they dont agree with me. then i got a email telling me i can come back in here so i did to try it. to find that i am selectivly not able to post or reply in some topics. not to sure if ill stay or not ill see what the motherators are going to do about it
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