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Default Re: CIA Now Says Iraq is a Terrorist Training Ground!!

So, Bush calls a press conference today and the PM of Iraq is with him to answer questions. Too afraid to go it alone!!! Has to have their hand-picked puppet with him.

What does the PM say? This:

"The Iraqi people wanted Saddam out."

This is then the headline on CNN!!

Are we suppose to believe this was just cause for invasion now?

Mind control maybe!!

Do the Chinese want their leader out?

How 'bout Iran?

Did they take a poll?

Is that all we need to know?

The people want someone out and then boom we invade!!

For cryin' in another bucket!!

There are bombs bursting all over the place as of late in Iraq!!


Trying to shut us up???

Supplying the bombs???

Killing intellectuals and scientists??

Oh, Gawd, what a disgrace!!

Impeachment anyone???

In Peace,
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