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Default Re: Why are some things actually illegal and others arent?

Great article! I just wanted to put a diferant spin on this statement:

"Then there are cigarettes, Cigarettes have been legal for so long because of the profit made from them, it was crazy, u put a cigarette anywhere on television in the day, people would buy cigarettes. That was demanding commercialism for u, the corporation abused these addictions. That is why showing a cigarette on television isnt allowed anymore because the governement is promoting good health"

In my opinion the government could care less about your health or mine? They block the commercialism of cigarettes because they dislike the expense involved in treating sickness caused by cigarette smoking. Remember whenever the government is involved it's ALL about the money.

There are many accusations of the CIA and other high end agencies actually dealing drugs such as marawanna (pardon my spelling lol) and cocaine and even other illegal substances for profit? Maybe that is why they won't legalize these drugs? They don't want the competion ?
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