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Default Re: Known Alien Bases?

You know,

Something I've always wondered about the aliens tunnels and underground bases and even all the military and CIA tunnels and secret bases etc.

Why when people drill for oil - or drill for water in their back yard or dig a well etc etc, does no one ever drill into the hollow tunnels?

Wouldn't it be a bit disconcerting if a oil company drilled down thru a tunnel and when they hit oil - it all came back up the drill hole and flooded the tunnels complex with liquid oil under high pressure?

Same with anyone who hits water - you know - the water comes up the drill hole and floods out the aliens and the military peeps etc?

How do they protect all these tunnels from the average idiot who drills a water hole in his back yard and hits a bit of cap rock and says to himself _ I know I'll throw a half dozen sticks a dynamite down the hole and blast that sucka rock to smithereens!

How come we never get that - you know tunnel collapses and sink holes where Joe Dozer operator is minding his own bidness and dozing a new housing estate and his dozer disappears down a sinkhole when one of these secret tunnels collapses.

You know something else I've always wondered...

Where do they put the dirt!

Out of the tunnels - where do they put it?

If you ever watch any of the old WW2 escape movies from the prisoner of war camps - they used to put it in their pockets and walk around the compound draining sand down their trousers and out onto the ground hoping the guards would never notice.

So - with all these tunnels under new York city etc - where do they put all the dirt? Do aliens beam it up to the mutha ship? or do they take the subway and leave the dirt n the carriages and every night the cleaners have to sweep it up - wouldn't someone notice a few billion cubic kilometers of dirt?

These are the things I worry about - they keep me up at night, pondering the how to's and why fore's.

Maybe I will start looking for the soil waste dumps..... on google earth!

I watched a TV show other night with a giant earth tunnel boring machine making a tunnel thru a mountain in Switzerland or somewhere and it got stuck.... took em 6 months to dig it out!

They have to extract the dirt with a huge conveyor belt - zillions of tonnes of it and when they dump it you can see it from space.

Also - to be able to dig the tunnels they have huge fans and ducts etc all electrically driven that feed air to the operators underground and help carry the dust away so they can see and breath,

Where are all the air ducts for these alien and military underground tunnels and bases?

I tell you - I worry about these things coz everyone knows the alien underground tunnels and bases etc are a given...

When we want to live - we have to have sewerage, and we send it all thru pipes underground until its treated and piped out to sea - where does all the sewage from these underground bases go?

Were do they get all their water and food from?

Is there like disguised old ladies with baskets and trolleys, who prowl the supermarkets buying fresh food to smuggle down the tunnels to feed the aliens and armies of people down there?

Yep that's it, a secret legion of old ugly lady's who shop at tescos for the underground bases to keep them all fed.

Boy you never really get all the answers until you start to think these things thru for yourself.

Next time I see that ugly old Italian woman with the mustache at the supermarket, I'm going to ask her if she is a secret agent shopping for the underground alien base canteen?

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