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Default Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks

darkies frequent that place, and it is common for them to throw people from the cliff tops

And you have evidence to back up this assertion how exactly?

It could not have been the Gypsies, Bikies, Polacks, Mafia, Triads, Zombies, etc etc etc...

Which blacks? African American Blacks? Aussie Aboriginal Blacks?, or recent African Blacks refugees? or Some other ethnic minority recently arrived here by boat from iraq?

Why your interest 5 years after the fact?

Little clue for you!

He's not a missing person - because his remains have been found, and IF a coroner has determined it a suspicious death then it is the subject of a homicide investigation which has a statutory legislated responsibility for Qld police to investigate with no statute of limitations, periodic cold case review, and no budgetary or manpower restrictions, in finding the guilty party.

Just look at the recent Daniel Morcome, missing child case in Qld - 8 years after the fact, they got their man.

If you think no one is "interested" - you are sadly mistaken.

Missing persons is something I know a little more about than most.

Going missing is not a crime - and without remains a person is a missing persons non crime.

Many families of missing persons WISH that remains could be found so that the legal position would change and Police would HAVE to care for the above legal stated reasons.

The family and friends of THIS unsolved homicide have a MUCH better chance of finding out who did this via the Police - than those families of long term missing - where no remains have been found, thus no crime exists, and there is no cold case reviews etc.

Tip for you also - when remains have been found - it's a homicide investigation with no statute of limitations - which means that by posting details here, you COULD be charged with interfering in an ongoing Police Investigation if Qld police had a mind to do so - something I get threatened with frequently on occasion - when searching for long term missing kids.

That's when the law is on my side - how do you charge someone with interefing in an ongoing police investigation into what - a missing persons non crime? Good luck getting a conviction in court on that one.

There are legitimate reasons that going missing is not a crime - abused spouses can change their name by deed poll and that of their kids and move to new towns and enroll their kids under the new names in new schools etc - to avoid an abusive spouse situation - it's not illegal to go missing for that reason. Witnesses in Police protective custody get a new identity - they go missing and that's legal too!

Lastly govt intelligence operatives(spies) also lose their old identities in the missing persons cabinet at police head quarters when provided with new identities to go undercover behind enemy lines.

So you see, posting a link to this persons"missing persons page" is a mis-nomer, because he's not missing and that's an important distinction to make for legal reasons explained above in terms of legal liability of the original poster (and this website/forum owner as the publisher).

Good luck with solving your private homicide investigation!

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