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Default Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks

Sure it was darkies..

The murder of Hoera Te Kooti

Hoera Te Kooti 62 who was of the seafaring Moldi people of New Zealand left the Prince of Wales Hotel in Ipswich west of Brisbane Queensland, at 11.20 pm on the evening of Friday April 1 1999, after crossing the street he was attacked by a group of fifteen aboriginal teenagers, and bashed with a fence paling outside a Baptist church in Brisbane Street.

Mr Te Kooti who had been living in Ipswich for some time, suffered severe head and internal injuries and died in hospital the next day. The entire attack was recorded on security cam footage, which shows them going thru his pockets as he lay dying. One only of his attackers ever faced court!

April 12 2000 AAP: A 16-year-old youth was found not guilty of manslaughter by a Supreme Court jury he was reportedly seen in Ipswich a few days after the trial, wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with Murder 1.

The plan is to prosecute the original offenders, and the police, politicians, judges and lawyers, who prevented the course of justice in relation to this matter!
Brisbane 2000: Taxi rank New Farm group of five young aboriginal people decide to jump ahead of me, I tell them do not go thinking they are going to jump the queue and trouble starts.

One slut gets in front, another comes up on my right, another my rear and two a man and a woman cut me off from the left, from the right, "...look at this c*** ...thinks he's white," I am in fact part aboriginal, Tasmanian on my fathers side, Mothers father was a mainland aboriginal from South Australia.

The same moll screaming filth to my front, my plan is to chop the one to the right but grab the one behind me from over my head, the two at left body language indicates that they are just gonna watch, probably already going over in their minds that their legal team will mitigate them out of serious consequences after I am murdered.

Just then a police vehicle pulls up opposite they melt into the night, these were from the same gang that murdered Mr Te Kooti.
January 2008, I am walking up the local suburban street going to the same taxi where five darkies ambushed me not long after Cliff Te Kooti was killed, a darkie spits on the ground when I pass him on the street ..! During this debate a black guy from Mackay in Queensland spat a big blob of slag out of his mouth just where I would have to put my foot when I got out of the vehicle, so I belted sh*t out of him.
2002 Rockhampton Queensland Australia: Black boy calls and wants to go bush walking with two white teenagers, he bludgeons both to death, nor did he see the inside of a courtroom, bleeding hearts describing his prior schizophrenia as cause, he is said to be free.
Christmas Day 2007, Western Australia …a group of seven blacks, attack and kill a white man playing sand lot cricket with his kids.
December 2007, some twenty or so blacks are in the news whoopin’ and hollerin as they attack a man who was walking up the street with his girlfriend, I intend to hang the lot, the schitzo no less .. Brings to mind similar cases where taped evidence means nothing specially when darkies are involved, see this blockbuster from 2003...
Boy got new shoes: Black boy eighteen years or so hurrying thru evening shoppers clutching a pair of used sneakers …he had taken them from the corpse of a sleeping white man aged twenty one he and his companion had attacked and killed, he was not charged, his companion got two years, yeah his companion was black.

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