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Default Re: Rene Peter Ulz, thrown from a cliff top to his death by blacks

As well as those twenty five, and their respective legal teams, who conspired with the police to prevent justice, all for trial then the rope, so will the Ulz matter, yield that many more darkies to hang.

There are usually about that many, loitering around the places at the cliff tops - postulate that the lot of them attacked and killed, then each and every one of the police in the district, will be required to explain their non-response!

911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo

Before we get to the Mossad terror group Kurzberg, they were the ones filming the 911 attacks from New Jersey, amid "evident Jewbilation!"

Christ knows how many J's will get it in the neck over that, but it will substantially reduce the Jew population of New Farm by legal execution, that we do know!

While the retribution to be levied against the political lobby, that both encourages black violence, and allows the Kurzbergs safe passage, will necessarily entail the trial thence execution, of virtually the entire political wing of the Australian, and Queensland Governments!
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