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Default Re: The Battle For Your Mind

I somewhat agree with this post, although I tend to think that we must be careful in determining whether a church is christian, even though it posts "Jesus" on the door. I went to a church a year ago, that I thought was wonderful at first, but soon became cautious at the practices of the pastor and his flock. They used alot of mind control tactics, even though it was disguised as good biblical teaching. Other red flags went up inside of me when he started giving his own interpretations of what the bible said, or when he couldn't answer questions raised about it. He would also give prophecy about what God said an individual of the church should do and if they didn't do it, they were treated like a child being punished. :-( When I had mentioned to some of the church members, that I thought had become good friends, I was thinking about looking at other churches, some of the members stopped talking to me, discussion on why I wanted to leave was hush hush, and I received a threatening email from the pastor about talking bad about him, the church, or its members.

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