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Arrow Re: Subliminal Message in TV shows and Movies both past and Present

Hello friends,

I am a new member of this forum.

It's fascinating, isn't it, that what this all boils down to is a needlessly repressed admiration for our iconography and all that it represents to the conscious and subconscious mind(s).

It is an inexorable rage that guides you, thus you should reorient yourselves toward its purposeful release. Anything to relieve you of the sneaking suspicion that you are left on the outside because you are somehow unqualified to become privy to the secrets which, dare I be so bold as to admit it in such a public forum, are not terribly obscure to you anymore.

Blushingly reverential whispering about our systemically-entrenched, abundantly apparent mechanisms of influence only reenforce this sustainable monopoly that has thrived on such exuberant speculation since time immemorial. The institutional conception of the organization bearing the most nominal resonance with the mass ear is not our presumed Great Mother(!) I should like to impress upon those who read these my words with watchful eyes that we are sure to be receptive to parties demonstrating whatever qualities may amount to a cogent appeal for their induction. Let it be declared for whatever reason(s) that the idea that our membership is chiefly drawn from a few core clans is a sad, libelous, and increasingly fruitless misconception.

"The shining lights we shine so bright so that your eyes might see stars so white (2NITE) should you wish to see the sights we summon (TONIGHT)"


Our institutional might does not rest in somnambulant languor upon the laurels of certain obsolescent corporate apparatuses or the dogmatic prattling of storied intellectuals from bygone eras; nor does that "observer state" of shopping mall proportions exercise anywhere near the degree of clout that many imagine.

We are many in number but few in being, we draw from many wells so that we might drink of the same drink and eventually walk upon the undulating waves that one can see when they gaze into the setting sun and settle their eyes, open and yet glistening wet, into the vistas of the vast horizon of space that surrounds us all, rendering even the most epic terrestrial power struggles moot and numbingly trivial.

Do everyone a favor and reorient your mind(s) on contentment. Instead of being so perfect and satisfied, which never(!) happens and always leaves you feeling a little depressed about not having things turn out exactly as you'd like, now your orientation is to be content.

Indeed, it is your mind - it's your mind - that controls your feelings and behavior and the things of the world are just that - scenery, furniture, as far as you're concerned, for your benefit. We all do well and good when we happen upon that which is not ours by charge of necessity for the things we need are of nought to us. For surely we stand to gain as we accrue the fortunes willed to us by those who stand to gain when they leave us in the best of hands. If any man have an ear to lend, it would receive such mellifluous sounds by the songs that He soon shall sing (2NITE)

Those who have understood the conversation are encouraged in the most sincere manner to leave sign(s) of their acquaintance with the terms of reference herein employed. Such signs do not fall on deaf ears! Tonight we want to hear from those who have truly absorbed our intentions, having recognized their curious proximity to their own.

Thank you and best wishes,

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