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Default The Christ Messenger part 22 (today 19/11/11)

The Christ Messenger part 22 (today 19/11/11)

Here is another small part of Jehovah’s plan, including my divine connections and synchronicity to Jesus/Elijah/John/Moses, etc. At this moment in time, my journey and experiences (beyond human comprehension) tell me that I Am Elijah (aka John the Baptist). Read online “I am Elijah….. Here comes the Bride“. Do not worship Pagan/Masonic false gods of wood or stone. I have told ye that Christmas is a Pagan festival. Santa (aka Satan) was and still is a Masonic curse on Jesus . See Astana below. Yes, go through the motions for the children but know the truth. Start to teach them what I have taught you.

JESUS. The occultic elite keep getting their Masonic puppets to make out that I am the Christ. My mother remarried Jim Christie and I became Joe Christie. I didn’t know my step father was a Jehovah’s Witness/Mason. I was befriended by FM puppet Ron Lord (see Lord) of Sturgess Ave (ST/UR double 39 curse) in London. I had another long term Freemason (FM) pretend friend (Mick Hall) from across the road in Riverside. If there was no Jesus Christ, why do the world’s top leaders/faggots go to Bohemian Grove every year to witness and celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and the next day they do the same to Mary Magdalene. Go to the website of Dr Henry Makow for more info. Don’t worry, there are 39 books in the Old Testament. How did I/we end up living next to the Lawson family on one side and two evil RU’s who recently moved the other side of us?. Jehovah’s Law will prevail, just ask Lucy.

LORD. I told you about FM Ronnie Lord in Hendon (1979). We moved away and he ended up in Canada. He tried to make friends again 20 odd years later?. I told you about FM Tony Dangerfield who had a minor hit in the Sixties. He took me to a Screaming Lord Sutch concert in London (1981?). The backing band was The Stray Cats. Lord Sutch was always carried onto the stage in a coffin. Me, Tony and two others carried him inside the coffin onto the stage. I will not lie to you, he was trapped inside the coffin for 10/15 minutes and he was literally screaming to get out. All this as the audience awaited. I don't know if this was FM theatre or he was genuinely trapped. Can you see how the occult would have enjoyed their manipulation to get me there and the hidden (Jesus) meanings?. Don't forget that the Satanists also call Lucy "Lord". This is why Satanic Masons hide in the Church today, they are not worshipping Jesus. I keep telling you, let’s do this live on film. Read “Elijah’s New Challenge”. Tick tock tick.

SAINT JOHN the Baptist (aka Elijah) was beheaded. Read older CM posts. Jesus regarded John as “A burning and shining lamp” I had a long-term pretend friend FM Dave Shine (Lucy aka the Shining One). I had a FM puppet wind up phone call to fix a lamp (recorded the call). I am plagued by the word “Burn” see older CM posts (Ashburn Rd) etc. Plumb jobs at FM Dave Jeffrey’s in St Johns Street, Coatbridge, gave me tongue sandwiches wrapped in tin foil and too much relish and mustard (made me ill, flu symptoms). He also gave me bottles of (symbolic?) wine. I fixed lot’s of simple leaks and changed tap-Heads for him. He designed and built his house with help from his Knights of Malta or Knights of Columba Brotherhoods (all Masons). The Occult manipulated us to lived at 19 Bazalgette House (Baal) in St. John's Wood (wood-Asherah), London 1(986-88). They sent me as a 12 year old to Larchgrove Remand Home (1967) and was right next to St Johns Approved School (both on the same road) in Glasgow.
I have a postcard from FM John Jones (EG for jon/jon = double 39 curse) of St. Johns Head (another double 39 curse of St/Jon) in the Orkney Islands.
Research the St John’s scroll called “Ecce Angus Dei”. God sent me to FM Angus MacMillan. He owns property in “Sunny Govan” (in Glasgow). Where all the working class have been conned into believing in the false Sun god Ra/Horus and other stupid myths by the criminal elite. Come on Glaswegians, I love you, I Am you, they use you and I’m trying to teach you about Social Engineering. It simply means “you lick our rich arses and we’ll program and protect you”. You are their perpetual brown-tongues, the occultic criminal elite do the same all over the world. Its also called “Divide and Conquer” or you shaft each other and we count the real money. Read online “Masonic Donkeys only eat Masonic Carrots”.
Our son in a care-facility at Riverside. Also my FM perp from Riverside (River Jordan)
Our FM George got a house at 10 River St in Bedford (also a good job and D Licence).
See DOVE (St John associated with the Dove) in older Christ Messenger (CM) posts.
FM victim? Pat Bowkett sent me flyer of a funds appeal for St John the Baptist Church in Ruardean, England. (I have the flyer and Pat‘s file in our victim‘s group folders)
I was a member of Republic (anti-monarchy) and their HQ is in St John Street, London.
The FMs, Hospitallers, “Knights of this and that” will try to live or trade at St John’s anywhere. I have taken a lifetime of persecution from them all. Forget the different names, they are all the one same Brotherhood aka Freemasonry aka the Tribe of Judah/Dan aka the Anti-Christ.

MOSES (also Moss) see the Torah = Law of Moses/Moses Law/Jehovah’s Law (Sublime).
Moses home town was UR (see UR/RU=39) I have had phenomenal connection and easily provable persecution with these two letters/curses UR-RU. Some of it super-natural.
Strange woman collecting MOSS (Mos s) samples (I got it on video). She said she was taking notes (she held a blank notepad) about Moss in the recent frozen winter. I spoke to her as I passed her walking my dog. No logic to this incident. This is how I receive some messages and I also have to be as wise as a serpent. I am constantly attacked by Satan and his Tempted.
The FM judiciary sent me to Mossbank Approved School (1969), when I was 14.
FM manipulated jobs at Mosspark. Fact, Masons do not get non-Masons to work for them.
Ditto FM jobs in Mosshead Rd.
Moses and the twelve wells of water and the 70 Palm trees at Elim. (see Wells + Palm)
Jesus and the Transfiguration just “hit me” when I read it on Wiki, then the Beautiful Bible.
Moses was buried at Maqam El-Nabi Musa (pretend FM victim Adil Mussa? in London).
I told you I keep receiving divine guidance. On Saturday (Sabbath Day) morning on the 24th July 2010. I felt compelled to go to Mosesfield (Moses Field) inside Springburn Park, Glasgow. I had never been there before. I knew I would receive a message or a vision. I took our pet dog and a map-book in the car. I parked in Mosesfield Street. We walked up to Mosesfield (old building) and also into the Mosesfield Memorial Garden. It was a beautiful-spiritual feeling and I sat on a memorial bench dedicated to a Michael Burnett. This was my first message, Archangel Michael to Burn-itt (i.e. Satan). There is a large church bell at ground level which I rang, it was loud. For whom the bell tolls, it tolls for Satan. After 20 minutes, we took a walk to the duck pond for our dog to have a drink of water. I decided to go back to the Mosesfield Memorial within Springburn Park for another look and to video-cam it. I was then approached by two guys who were Jehovah's Witnesses. We had an amazing 10 minute chat and they gave me their latest newsletter. This was not a chance encounter. I had then received my second message in the newsletter. I was unsure of God's real name (Jehovah) and he gave it to me. Unfortunately, Jehovah’s Witnesses are another Masonic mind-control-money sect/cult. On the way back to the car, still inside Springburn Park, we took a stroll into the Rock Garden (The Rock?) but this was spoiled by a huge Masonic cctv camera in the middle by the pool. Mosesfield Memorial is surrounded by Satanic/FM manipulated names Balgrayhill (Baal), Belmont (Beelzebub), and Balornock (Baal). What made me go there? The day I went to the Mosesfield Memorial, something kept touching my head, then all day and some of the next day. Really unusual considering I have a baldy head (so did Elisha). The overall message was about Moses. The word "Field" means demon according to occultist Wynn W Westcott (www = 666), he also writes about 888 (Jesus) versus 666(Satan). Checkout the illuminati’s city “Astana” (Satan) it is full of Masonic architecture. Stirling Moss knows who I AM as do all of Lucy’s Morris dancers.

????? is my mother-in-law's maiden name. Is this a reference to Mount Horeb or the false story about Mary Magdalene being a prostitute?. I had strong deja vue when I first met my mother-in-law. I knew what she would say and I knew my answer. This had taken place before. I know she has been constantly persecuted (for giving birth to my wife). She lived in Holman Hunt House, Field Road, London for 20 odd years. She remarried and they have been relocated to the coast 6 months after I mentioned Holman Hunt House and Field Road. The occult would have manipulated their move to Field Road 20 years ago. It was a direct curse and I should not have known, or should I?. The word Occult means "Hidden". Incidentally, my wife’s whole name is only 8 letters and is an anagram of Mary. Another hidden Joseph and Mary? (smile).

I am plagued by these two words/meanings (Fin of a fish or God's Finger?)
Finn Haggan a weird/occultic pretend victim came to our house. (Fin G). He told me I am not the one. This Satanic FM puppet did not take Jehovah’s plan on board.
The FMs took me fishing/camping regularly to Loch Fyne. (Fyn/Fin)?
FM Bert Finnie from Galston who stuck to me as a pretend friend. (Fin from G)
Fishing acquaintance? Jim Finnan, worked for Ashfield Breakdown (Asherah).
My mum’s brother George and her sister Helen both lived long term in Fingal St (Fin g) Glasgow (1960-1980‘s). I didn't know they were all Mormon-Masons (my perps).
Then the Occult moved my nephew and niece into the exact same address in Fingal Street (2007). Do you think the Occult (hidden) is trying to tell me something?
I recently went into a Church and the first guy I met at the door gave me a lovely warm welcome. He still does this to all who enter. He lives in Fing???.
The FMs invited us camping to Fintry Hills at Kippen, Scotland. (lots of FM theatre)
Several FM perps and FM theatre from local Finglen Gdns. (another Fin g).
The FMs gave me my first job at Goudies (golf club makers) in Finnieston (Fin G)
The FMs built the Clyde Arc bridge in Finnieston. Glasgow. It is cursed.
My FM perp Dave Shine was moved to Poynters (pointers) Way in Dunstable. I stayed there.
FMs John Thomson and Shug Paterson took me to do a job at a Tablet factory at (Jehovah wrote the 10 Commandments on a tablet with his finger) Gower St in Glasgow. I suffered much psych games and FM theatre from these puppet masons. (at false Global Maritime)
The FM manipulated plumb jobs in Finnieston. (Fin) Masons don’t employ non-Masons.
I tried to trade from rented units in Finnieston. (FM landlord Mr Mulholland)
I played in Finnieston as a kid, also in the tunnel (Rotundra) under the River Clyde.
I/we walked through the underground railways (unused) all under Finnieston.
The FMs in the Council gave my mum a flat at Glenfinnan, Wyndford, Glasgow (Fin G)
Mind games/curse by FM Solicitor? Mr Findlay at Saltmarket and local Abercrombie. (Fin)
My previous FM neighbour worked in Finnieston.
Our son to a care home called Philemon (run by FM staff) in Finnieston.
Plumbing jobs for Melvin’s miserable FM brother Dennis in Finsbury. (Fin)
Harassed by electrician (FM Curtis Foreman from Finsbury) on Clapham Common job.
I have a letter from MP Ross Finnie (a Mason filled a form out in my name). (Fin)
When I was an unruly teenager, I grabbed a knife from Duncan to stop him stabbing a friend. He pulled the blade back and nearly cut two of my fingers off (cut to the bone).
I shared a flat with my older real brother (Mormon-Mason, I didn’t know) in Finchley (Fin).
Smile, the divine gets better. The Beautiful Bible tells you so.

ELIJAH (aka the Bird of Heaven see “Birds“). Elijah’s name means “Yahweh is my God” and Elijah is a God of Thunder/Lightning/Rain/Hail and Dew
We had regular powerful thunderstorms growing up in Castlemilk (spectacular fork lightning). Me and my bothers and sister sat up for hours watching them and saw several houses struck by lightning (1960-65). I used to wake up and watch them as they fascinated me.
Our family were stitched up by the Masons inside Renfield St Stephens Church in Glasgow. Their Church steeple was later destroyed by lightning. I know who you are FM Rev Lunnan.
I wrote a poem about an electrical Thunderstorm and the teacher put it up on the blackboard for the whole class to see. I was embarrassed as I was in a Young Offenders Prison (1973) for theft.. Even then I did not know about the secret societies, or that Our Father had a plan.
I was in a desperate situation and knocked on 6 doors at midnight. The last door opened and it was my brother in law (B Rainey - Rain?) whom I hadn’t seen for 10 years. I did not have a clue where he lived. He helped me, the down side is that he turned out to be a puppet mason.
My FM cousin/perp Joe Callaghan and his social worker partner Janet had a daughter. They named her Elisha. They both died in their thirties, Elisha is now raised by her Grandmother.
FM Alex’s daughter called their dog “Honey”. Elijah ate locusts and honey.
Elijah was sent from Mount Horeb (Mountain of God) back to Damascus. (see In-Laws)
In 1989/90 We moved to Milngavie (anagram Eliga) smile.

ELIJAH’S COINS (research in Bible or read online) far too much to be coincidental (also see Penny). Colin (is anagram for coin) I had numerous FM perps called Colin or Collins.
The FMs manipulated me to meet Phil Collins (coins) of rock band Genesis (Bible Genesis).
FM psycho John Thomson (pretend “Eye” surgeon) of Colinslee (coins) Ave, Paisley
Sociopath FM perp family Ian Nicol (coin) moved to 10mtrs North of my back garden.
I was a teenage friend of Ms I. Nicol (coin) in 1970.
Mrs Nicol (coin) lived below our Mum’s flat in Mayfield St, Glasgow.
My long term pretend friend FM J. Maginlay had a German shepherd dog called Nico (coin)
FM perp Mick Collins (coin) (our Alex‘s pal) definitely FM manipulated.
Pretend friend and FM perp D Collins (coin) at Edinburgh and Livingston.
My first cousins/perps the Conlin (coin) Mormon-Mason family. Big Waw, Life by God’s design. I thought sick Jim was my buddy? His German Shepherd dog is called Nico (coin).
This family will know nothing of God’s plan. They lived in Fingal St (see Fin/Fing).
The FM taxi-driver at the local St Luke's Church shuffling his coins (on video).
FM manipulated pretend-victim Dave Smart Tanner (Tanner/sixpence).
The strange trail of sixpences in Castlemilk (the FMs linked this to D.S. Tanner above)
Our son has Aspergers, he regularly gives me all sorts of coins from the charity shop bins.
My family member’s large bottle of coins next to my bed. Not manipulated in any way.
The Council FMs gave us a flat in a rough estate at Colindale (coin) in London.
I was manipulated into stealing the Half-Crowns at the Mormons (7 years old).
Our FM flatmate Arthur stole our John's bottle of Coins. (Curse? or FM theatre)
Our Geo used to collect hundreds of old coins (drawer full).
For years, we used to fish at the Money pools at the local Water Works. The occult manipulated another super-natural dig by Satan at this place. They know the future, I can only feel it. I told you there is no human logic to the security fence that goes round 5% of the Water Works. The occultic Masons have lots and lots of plunder and false power, read “Elijah’s New Challenge“.
My long term FM pretend friend was a machine vendor collecting coins for his company. His name was Chris McKinnon (Canaan as it sounds). He lived at number 19 in Borehamwood.
When I was about 8 years old (1963), I had a dream that came 98% true. I awoke up with lots and lots of coins under my pillow. Nothing there as just a dream. Then some friends of our family knocked on the door and took me out on the Lemonade lorry. Home delivery of soft drinks. I got lots of tips and brought home pockets full of coins and put them under my pillow.
The FMs in stores/shops/banks cough into my change (regularly). They would get the call (and code) from the Masonic Police Fusion Centre. This is how sick the Masons really are. It is a very safe (for them), evil tactic from the Freekmasons. I will not lie to you.
Also the FM puppet shop assistants would consistently give me lots of coins in my change (spend £2.50, give £20 and £17.50 change in coins) saying no notes. It was reference to Elijah’s coins, the puppet masons (they know nothing) just follow orders. They all know me.
Another similar FM tactic is to short change you. Wee FM Margaret at B&Q in Drumchapel, Glasgow done it to me for years. I made a detailed official complaint and the Masonic manager just ignored me. They will do the same to you. Read online “Masonic Diversion Tactics”.
My family member worked locally for a Chris Nicol (coin).
The Coins incident in Windsor Street opposite the house where I met Satan (Ouija board).
The Coins incident at Balloch and back home on the train.
I worked for two Psychiatrists in London with stacks of coins all round the house.
Life is by design by Our Father. He throws me in at the deep end to teach you.

I started the Christian Anti Corruption Party (UK) but the Criminal Elite are spending a fortune blocking my communications. They are doing the same to you. They have plans to control the Internet (Gift from God to get his Message to you). They don’t want you to find out about the one True God. I told you about the Satanic Communist train speeding towards you. The New World Order and the illuminati are 100% Communism (enslavement) Remove your blindfold. If you do nothing today, they win. We can’t leave it all to Our Father, can we? (smile).

There is a St Catherine's at the bottom of Mount Sinai. Is this why the FM puppets regularly took-manipulated me to go fishing/camping to St Catherine's on Loch Fyne? Scotland.

I wish no harm to anyone mentioned. How else could I get the Message to you?. I am trying to tell you that Jehovah God is perfect. Read the first Commandment. All life in this Universe and beyond is all designed by Jehovah God. You have a choice to make, for you are now witnessing divine change. Find Jesus Christ, He will not cost ye a penny.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger (CM) part 22 (today 19/11/11 = Psalm 119 = Jehovah‘s Law)
Incidentally, the CM part 21 was posted twice with two different teachings. I told ye that the number 42 is important and 21 X 2 = 42. I did not plan this, Our Father did. For most of my life, I dearly loved and respected my older brother George (Mormon-Mason). He now lives at 42 Shakespeare Street (Spear of Destiny), Glasgow. His reward for his part in my persecution. Read what Elisha done to those 42 youths who called him Baldy. Elijah’s favourite song is “Chariots of Fire” (grin). Watch for more Signs and be as wise as serpents. If you have sold your soul, take it back. Jehovah (aka Yahweh) will forgive. The message to the Masons within the Church is to make your choice “Now“, repent or burn. Jehovah God is not into hatred or revenge. How do you deal with selfish rabid dogs (most in uniforms) who run about biting others for self gain?. They also worship false gods with no power. Read “Stirling’s Curse”.

Some Signs will be MANipulated, the Beautiful Bible tells you so. I have told ye that evil dresses up as good, pope, queen, bbc, etc. All is NOT what you see in “THEIR” media. Even in old times, the guy ringing the bell shouting Hear ye, Hear ye, relayed the criminal elite’s yawn.

Love, Peace and FR33DOM to all. Joe Stirling. Find Leonard Cohen’s “You know who I Am“.
Whatever happens next (good or perceived bad) will be the work of Our Father. I tell ye, have Faith in Jesus, fear nothing. Here comes the Bride, Our Father keeps his promises.

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