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Default Re: Public Proclamation June 11, 2005

emperor_1009 wrote:
Is that what goodness means to you? I have to bribe you?

You wrote:

"Isn't that what monarchy's, kingdom's, etc. are all about?

"Keeping the wealth for themselves, making servants out of everyone else by extending credit to them for the USE (borrowing) of their money?"

Do you suppose I am doing this for the money?
You suppose the return of Arthur means he want to make you a slave? Have you read anything about the Arthurian Legend?

Some of the best counties in the world are monarchies; and it's not exactly brain surgery or rocket science. A monarch who is committed to preserving the National Interest is definitely a step forward.

SOMEBODY has to be responsible for the nations' credit card, right? You can't trust me because you don't know me (my TV show will change all that) and I don't blame you. But ? Can we move on.........somehow?

Excuse me, but I asked if you would print enough money so that the wealth could be distributed evenly. I assumed that you would be doing this out of the goodness of your heart for all of mankind. I wasn't asking for your money personally!!!

Bribe me??? Sorry, but I don't take bribes and nowhere did my reply point to that!!

Trust you??? Do you think I take you seriously???

I was just "goofing" on you!!

You asked, But ? Can we move on....somehow?


Perhaps you are!!!

In Peace,
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