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Smile Love and Sexuality

Love and Sexuality


Because it offers a comprehension of love and sexuality according to an Initial Philosophy: for discovering the divine gift of what Plato talked about in the Symposium: “Here is, so I declare it, the energy of love (eros) is, the most ancient and worthiest, among gods. It has the greatest titles for driving the man on the virtue and happiness way, both in life and in kingdom of afterlife”. So, we set out some reflections drawn by the disciplines of the Initial Philosophy (kabbala, alchemy, symbolism, tarots, astrology, yoga tantra) with the hope to furnish, to our visitors, internal stimulus to analyze and to face up better the demonstration of love and sexuality in the daily life.

What does initial philosophy bring about original, compared with the generic philosophical religious approach, and compared with that psychoanalytical and psychological?

Concretely, how can love (platonic winged eros) conduct us on this way, predicted by many evolved creatures? How to direct this extraordinary energy towards the predestinate aim and not stopped at halfway? So, what is the predestinate half? Does this aim involve sadness, inexpressible privations and the cessation of the pleasure? Or, is it an approaching to a new pleasure, more intense and thinner, to new joys? Moreover, this sense would have a spiritual run if this had to conduct to sadness and privation?

Probably, it only need substitute a rough, temporary and carrier, in the time of poisons and bitterness, pleasure with another kind of pleasure which develops light, knowledge, joy and generosity. The fear to abdicate the most immediate pleasure, stops sometimes the enter and the experimentation of ancient truths.

Is this love, that man knows in the affective sphere, different from love that move the sun and the other stars" of which Dante, the Supreme Poet ("L'amor che move il sole e l'altre stelle" in Paradise XXXIII, 145) talked about?

That this energy can help us to fly and ,so, to feed our spiritual centers (chakra), symbolically, it is well-known since the antiquity. In fact, The winged dragon, fantastic animal knew to all the mythologies and at present also in the Christian iconography, is the symbol of the existing instinctive strengths in the man and of their possible transformation. Subduing and steering these strength to use them as mean of propulsion towards the most elevated peaks of the spirit, represents the deep sense of the spiritual run that everyone is, or it will be, called to complete it.

The predestination of the man is to develop, here on the earth, his divine quality and the sexual energy. The energy of love is the resource, inseparable from the practice of the virtues, predestinate to feed the development of the spiritual organs of the man (chakra).

It is necessary to add that it doesn't mean to dominate the sexual energy for not committing a sin, but it means to sublime it... it doesn't need to repress it, but to sensitize it, and to direct it upward; this is its predestination and it brings suffering or mere renouncement in the man. But to enrich him, to give him more elevated and more intense joys, that’s why, if energy goes upward, it feeds the spiritual, extraordinary centers (chakras) that everyone has got effectively, if also to the latent state, made exception for the evolved creatures, the geniuses and above all the Saints whose spiritual gifts are apparent and visible to everybody.

Certainly it is not an easy job, whose result can be programmed to temporal level. It doesn't deal with applying mental techniques in theory, tout court, but to develop, day by day, with humility, simplicity and tolerance also towards themselves, a state of conscience, a whole of so many small daily behaviors more and more elevated, so a day it can be tasted, also on the earth, that fullness, that joy to which our soul strongly and naturally long for.

"The sexual strength or the winged dragon", not by chance it is just the title of Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov’s famous work with which the author has deepened the comprehension of love and sexuality. He has furnished concrete indications to live in an harmonious way this divine energy ,that feeds our existence. "All the human beings, whoever they are, without knowing they look for God. Do they believe to look for only the happiness? and who doesn't look for it? God is anywhere in the universe and he is hidden in all of this that arouses our desire. The ambitious ones, the drunkards, the gluttons, the avid ones, the dissolute persons, by their way, everybody look for God, because effectively it is also possible to find one lower case letter of Yours particle in the alcohol, in the food, in the sexuality, in the money, in the glory, in the power... God can be found anywhere, also in the swamps, also in the stones where Your presence is as a hidden spark. Certainly from these things you can be drawn only a momentary satisfaction, because God not him he can really find in the coarsest layers, in the inferior forms of the subject, but only in the spirit." (Daily thoughts)

This spiritual job, this activity, willy-nilly, constitutes a forced way of our run in this long cycle of the reincarnations. And' an activity that doesn't ask for isolation, monastic life or bachelorhood. It is compatible with the life of couple and with the life from single.

Certainly in this field there is a risk to stir from an excess to the other and whoever scrutinizes with sincerity his own behaviors he can recognize it.
The initiatic philosophy finds a different point of balance from the traditional yoga tantra.

Mirabail M. talks about that in his volume "Dictionnaire de l'ésotérisme - Collection Marabout université": "O.M. Aivanhov talks, instead, about another way: a sort of loving homeopathy" susceptible to wake up again in the creatures, also in the life of couple, the spiritual gifts that are present in each of us.

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