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Default Re: Suspect Aircraft Just Sighted Over Yeovil, Somerset.

Originally Posted by kirstym01 View Post
I am completely amazed I didn't hear anything! Are you actually in Yeovil? Just wandering in relation to my house where the plane might have flown, I know the one last year literally flew straight overhead and there is no way I could have missed that!
I'm in the more northerly part of the town towards the Mudford Road.

I don't know a lot about piloting, the only experience I have is from playing flight simulation computer games, but to turn through 180 and then land straight away on a long and narrow runway is actually extremely difficult indeed.

For a large aircraft like a passenger jet a long approach is used so the pilot has plenty of time to make fine adjustments to make sure is completely lined up with the end of the runway.

Also banking steeply at a low altitude is a little dangerous as well as the plane immediately starts to lose altitude. If you bank at an angle of 45 degrees for example you lose half the lift and the plane starts to fall.

This basically was what raised alarm bells for me.
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