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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

Originally Posted by TrutherD View Post
They rule us with fear. Why would they want to get rid of crime? Crime is very useful. That said, I'm not sure your brain emits electricity far enough for them to 'read your mind'. Now, when they can amplify that on the receiving end somehow, then we might be in trouble.
Look up

Add to the references AI, Virtual Reality, radio and gamma waves, abilation therapy, and controlling behavior with lights, the 'dark realm' per Scientific American.

I've been living through this for the past 3 years trying to put all the pieces together while being zapped and fried through my central nervous system. Somone in Chicago 3 years ago zapped my brainstem with a magnetic card reader.

Since I was 2 years old, my dreams had been modified and controlled. For the past 20 years I've been feeling buzzing in my feet, and throbbing temples. 3 years ago, teams of 'rapists' using magnets and car batteries yanked my 'energy field' from me. Think of your brain as someone is drilling a hole in it with a screwdriver only there is no screwdriver only light from a satellite and radiowaves to buzz your brain.

putting the ai together with virtual reality, using me to 'turn off' my soul, and you have a perfect quantum computer. a thinking feeling machine without a soul in it... ready to be programmed anyway you like. now consider yourself getting pulled out of your 'life' and into 'dreamworld' where you feel everything and they are monitoring your every move. the matrix only backward.

Let me add, after 3 years of having this audio and digital over stimulation of my every thought and feeling, I currently feel nothing. Doing research on the central nervous system right now. Consider for 3 years, hearing rape and torture games in your head designed to 'break you of your body mind and spirit'. Now think of what they call 'truth serum' as after 20 years in your dreams 'programming' you using your number (tibia nerve link to your sexual organs linked to your solar plexus linked to your central nervous system) to make you 'orgasm' every second of every day to get their 'pure black and pure white' thoughts and colors as they program your thoughts to match to various colors and feelings to create this quantum computer. Still trying to put it together.

Oh... keep forgetting the most important part of having my energy source, my aura, yanked from my body ... I feel nothing! Yes, I don't Feel anything except ding ding ding (the Big O) and buzzing in various areas of nerve centers.

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