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Default Re: The Elite Monitoring our Dreams?

consider radiowaves ... throw a stone in a pond. watch the ripples. Same ripples from sound. think of the world sitting in its black void of space making these ripples with sounds/vibrations/quantum wavelengths. when a bomb goes off. how much damage is created by the soundwaves? stand in front of a speaker, you can feel the vibrations through your entire body. I can tell you your dreams can be and probably are being monitored, utilized, and programmed. I can say this because I've been living through something so horrific you can't even imagine for the past 3 years. They can even 'suck' you into what they call "dreamworld" (scientific american dec 2010 'dark realm or universe' article). look up radio frequency ablation surgery and consider the possibility of having an MRI and a catscan done prior to having your energy field yanked off your body. Your energy form is now in someone's computer while telling you what to 'think' and 'feel' because after 3 years of icepicks through your soul you can no longer feel anything. Look up radio frequency virtual reality studies and government contracts.

What I'm living through is basically having my mind 'probed' via dreams, inducing pain at various nerve plexus to centralize regions of my brain. I have a huge sore at the brainstem where they walked up behind me with a magnetic cad reader to get me 'number'. Sending gamma waves through different parts of my brain to ellicit their desired response. I can only describe the response as having someone jab an icepick through your hand or chop off one of your fingers to make you jump out of your body. Then making you 'orgasm' via gamma waves to 'turn off' the lights. Done some research as to the cause and effect the orgasm -- it relaxes the brain allowing them to send their own information into your brain; it also artificially creates the REM eye movements for lucid dreaming.

They've been manipulating my body and mind for over 20 years. For 10 years I had a buzzing in my foot, my leg, and in my head. I couldn't sleep on my side because my temples were throbbing too hard, also had a strange throbbing in my ears from the soundwaves. They tell me what to think, sometimes I can hear them and other times I cannot, how to interpret the uploads/downloads of video, and what to think and feel about it all (how they do this is more horrific than you can even imagine! -- the above doesn't even begin to explain 3 years of pure horror that I've been subjected to). Or the 20 years of dreams preceding the last 3.
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