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Default Masonic false god Satan aka the Moon

Masonic false god Satan aka the Moon

The Beautiful Bible associates the Moon with Satan and the Sun with Jesus. I live at No 93 and the occult know it’s 93 million miles to the Sun (long before kilometres). All of the Pagan-Masons who worship their false Sun god (Satan) are inadvertently giving their power and energy to Jesus Christ. I have told ye that the One true God Yahweh is far too intelligent and powerful for Satan and his Tempted (SAHT). Elijah says read the 1st Commandment.

The word "Common" is an anagram for Moon. This word (and others) is also Masonic code referring to their false god Satan. It is used as a curse on non-brotherhood members.

Research dodgy world leaders and the pope talk about a "Common Purpose" (Moon again)

The House of Commons (Moon) is full of SAHT, who sold their souls for money and gold.

Remember the Commons (Moon) Speaker Mike Martin? (a Mason) who got caught spending thousands of your tax pounds on two Egyptian pillars. The exact same columns you will find in any corrupt Masonic Lodge (Moon). Read online "Elijah's New Challenge".

My real older brother George and my cousin G Maguire (both puppet-masons) lived in Wester Common (Moon) Drive, Glasgow. They kept playing an old record by a weird guy called Moondog (reverse dog = god). I was there to teach me to teach you about SAHT.

My best pretend mate Melv S (puppet mason) set me up to work in Clapham Common (Moon). Ditto another plumbing job in Edmonton (Moon) when I went to him for help.

The European Union used to be called "The Common (Moon) Market" in 1970.

The corrupt Mormons (Moon). Research Paul Drockton at Moneyteachers

Pink Floyd's Piper at the gates of Dawn (aka Satan) and Dark side of the Moon, etc.

I done some work for Eastern Star Social Worker Angela O'Sullivan who owns properties. She sent me to do some work for two of her tenants, who were the founders of a pagan band called “Bark at the Moon”. I have the paid invoices and more. Its Satan's curse again.

Research the new branch of criminal Freemasonry called "Common Purpose" (Moon again)

For more than 40 years, my real brother James always sang the old song Blue Moon. I didn't know he was a member of the Masonic Orange Order. Blue is the primary colour of crooked Freemasonry. Blue is also the colour of YHWH (smile). Masons reverse everything.

Local EDC hired pretend Social Worker/Football Linesman FM Ricky Moonie (Moon) who stitched our family up and was rewarded by running the line at an official Rangers match.

FM Beatle McCartney and his song C-Moon (see Moon), he also lived long term in the Mull of Kintyre (Ki =119 & Tyre/Tire). Now its Sir Paul, a gong for a dong. A singer, not a god.

Research the bizarre Morgellons Disease (Moon again).

Ditto the extremely evil GM food company Monsanto (Moon/Satn).

The EG for Moon is also a triple 19 curse to non-masons 19 X 3 = 57.

Research the mysterious “New World Airport Commission” (moon) online.

If you do your research, the Moon is not a natural satellite. I’ve been trying to show/prove to you that everything is created by God Yahweh (YHWH). The final war in heaven is upon us.

I already told you about the FM theatre from deranged Mason John Thompson (Moon)

Rothschild magazine The Economist (Moon) where nobody puts their name to the reports.

I already told you how the Masonic-Occult play with words and place-names (To hypnotise the selfish and gullible). My whole real family were conned by this clever system by the Criminal Elite. I told you about Masonic Loch Lomond (Moon). When I was young, my older mormon-mason brothers took me fishing/camping to Luss (anything Lu/Lus is Lucifer/Lusifer) as a child. My mother’s ashes (Asherah) were spread at Luss by my Eastern-Star sister. My oldest Mormon-Mason real brother John had half of his ashes (Asherah) spread at Luss the other half was spread in Arizona (Zion and Sun worship). There is a ferry on Masonic Loch Lomond (Moon) that goes from Balmaha (Baal) to Luss = Lus = Lusifer, (Sept 2011), a very symbolic/satanic trip for gullible fools. There is much more to Oasis at Balloch (Baal) and the big Masonic Media Golf Tournaments at Loch Lomond (Moon).

The Occultic Criminal Elite have changed BC (Before Christ) to BCE (Before Common Era). Common = Moon worship has being going on for millennia. You have a choice to make. I can give you much more later or do your own research. I Am very busy making a straight path.

I told you this is all about Satan's demise. If you have sold your soul, take it back. The truth will set you free, more later. Jesus loves you, yes I know, He is inside every one of you.

Scotland is the most corrupt little country in God's universe. If you have any doubts at all, you must read the latest on Hollie Greig - Robert Green. It is the most despicable, horrendous story of how these perverted Masons protect each other. This persecution and cover-up is all co-ordinated by the Masonic Police Fusion Centres. The real reason they keep taking Robert Green (a good man and genuine hero) to Stonehaven is because of the name (Stone-Heaven).
It took the same gang 13 years to cover-up the Shirley McKie fingerprint case. They said it was human error after 13 years??? Scotland is the spiritual home of criminal Freemasonry (Spew). SAHT will never forget the infinite Elijah-John. Christians rejoice, read Revelation.

Elijah's Tour. If you come to Masonic Milngavie, near Glasgow. Drive along the Stockiemuir Rd (A809) from Bearsden. Go past the first roundabout (Petrol station) and you will come to the next roundabout which is called Crossburn Roundabout (Cross-Burn again). You can park on the road to the Quarry. Look at the entrance to the Mains (Masin) Estate. On both sides before you drive into Douglas Muir Road, there is a stone wall with a black metal culliss/gate style design that sits on the wall. At the top/centre of each one is a stone engraved with the false Sun god. I have had 11 years (approx) of Masonic theatre and Gang - Stalking at this location as I walked by with our dog (all documented). One example is car registration AS 33 (was Audi sports, now BMW), she and her partner? would drive/skid around the roundabout 6 times flashing the lights and beeping the horn as I walked into the Quarry. They would shout out of the windows. She still has this registration plate and I know where she lives. I Am not interested in revenge. I documented everything to show you how these psychological terrorists work. Only the victim and the perps know what is happening.
This place was all deliberately designed symbolically by the Criminal Masons and to further show their hatred of Our Saviour Jesus Christ (Glory be to His name). I/we know who wins.

Never be afraid of SAHT and any of their curses and codswallop. It all very clever by the Criminal Elite who have covered every number, letter, colour, name, false stone/wood gods, sun, moon, stars, myths, squares, circles, triangles etc. It is all designed by the educated crooks to keep their secret society puppets (and you) hypnotised. Open your eyes to THEIR scams. It is THEIR media (all Lies) and THEIR banks (Credit Crunch Theft) and THEIR illusion (Open Prison). You are a born tax-generator. The price of everything is fixed by them. Challenge them legally, film them, record them, set them up. They do all of these things to you. THEIR cctv is everywhere except in THEIR courts or THEIR masonic police stations. Open THEIR closed doors and refuse to talk to "Anon John" or THEIR other name choice of the day, all hiding behind THEIR walls, tear them down. Do nothing and they win.

Welcome to the Christ Messenger part 24 (Sat 17th Dec 2011) Nobody dies, we are all on hold until judgement day. Everything, including you was/is designed by Our Father YHWH. Watch out for the electrical anomalies that follow Elijah. Very, very soon every day will be Christmas, not the bankers version. You don't have to be a Christian to know what's right or wrong. Life is your test. Love, peace and FR33DOM, Joe Stirling (servant of Yahweh).

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