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Default Re: Reptilians Amongst Us?

I love to read. Am a avid reader and researcher. Did some researching for a college professor years back, he said I was quite good.

Anyway, have been researching this issue and laughed at and ridiculed at ATS concerning my belief that David Icke may be onto something.

I am beginning to get into quantum physics (beginners 101 - the very basic qp for dummies stuff) and even now mainstream scientists are beginning to admit we have multiverses and multiple dimensions.

Am reading a very interesting book called The Secret History of Extraterrestrials by Len Kasten concerning the "alien presence on Earth". Have just started this so I'm not very far along but seems quite interesting.

After this book I have The Resonant Factor by Dennis Whiteman lined up to read.

Myself, I don't claim to know it all nor to really know the full extent of what our "reality" is, but I do know something is a miss. Something's not quite right.

One of my favorite movies is John Carpenter's, "They Live".

Don't watch much TV, would rather read.

Where I live at, nobody believes in or will speak about UFO's or aliens so I am looking forward to seeing how others view the Matrix we currently reside in.

Normally I can see auras in animals and people. With both Bush Sr., and Jr., C. Rice and now Obama - they have none that I can see.

While Obama was campaigning he had a yellow with a outer green - now, zip - I don't see one?

I've been able to see aura's since I can remember. As the decades go by more and more people, particularly those in "high places" don't seem to have one?

Just an observation.

Princess Diana had a light yellow one that extended out further than most.
Love is always creative, fear always destructive.-- Emmet Fox.

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