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Default Re: Flight 93 on 911 - No Boeing 757 crashed near Shanksville!

Resonates with the alleged Jew professor at VA Tech, when Cho was said to have killed thirty two people, he was a hero figure as well, so they say, seems that the same firm that cooked up 911, did the job at VA Tech.

Update: The same Canadian / Greenberg op that produced false witnesses on 911, filmed VA Tech, and the Columbine, and Fort Hood massacres, sourced by the video below, that has typically Jew bullsh*t in the mix, that claims JonBenet Ramsey is Lady Gaga!

h ttp://

The bits that ring true, accompanied by photos and video, reveal the alleged Ft Hood shooter, disgruntled psychiatrist Major Hassan, is a Canadian actor from the same studio, that also produces South Park, and similar horrifically minded adult cartoons, that feature mass murder, Satanism, and ritual killing.

Whose favorite son Billy Kristol, an anti Moslem war hawk extraordinaire, entered politics as a participating member of the Jew supremacist, Project For the New American Century or PNAC, whose acting resume includes the night time soap opera, Soap, which spawned the hit TV series Benson.

h ttp://

The same studio is producing the Wall Street Occupation movement, see the Dude spittin' chips in the OWS vids, re the 1913 act that established the Federal reserve!

The United States Justice Department, must get warrants out to Kristol and the entire Greenberg / Canada video operation, requiring them to be in court to answer charges of capital conspiracy!
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