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Default Re: The Movie

Personally . . . I like the Save Houston idea. I would ask that we change the name to a fictional one, and not use any real names. I think the key charachters would be as such . . .

10 generic henchmen (NWO)
2 leaders (one fat, one skinny, NWO USA and CANADA)
3 to 5 forum members/heroes
1 VERY gay aids victim as a judge, representing agressive, anti-male feminism.

This is A LOT in the way of charachters for one person, and this will take some time. That's why I'd like to build some sets first. Where are these scenes going to take place? Be realistic as to how we're going to fit this into the story.

As far as the 'theme song' so to speak . . . I don't think it should be actual scripture. I think it should be a parody of 'Hail to the Chief.' We can make it dark and gloomy . . . but the silver cloud thing is a good idea. We wnat to bring the truth, make people want to fight, abolish feminism (against men, anyhow), and re-attach the balls of otherwise emasculated men, but in a way that their wives understand.

So whose going to write a VERY basic story movement? By this, just for an example, I'll write the basic movements of, "A Christmas Carol"

Ebineezer and Cratchit are introduced.
Cratchit stays late
Cratchit goes home
Ebineezer goes home
Ebineezer goes to bed
Ebineezer woken by wind
Ghost of Christmas past visits
Scrooge remembers happier times
Scrooge goes back to bed
Ghost of Christmas Present visits
Scrooge visits Cratcjit house
Scrooge sees misery he is not a solution to
Scrooge goes back to bed
Ghost of christmas future shows up
He doesn't talk, and looks like the Reaper
Shows Scrooge his grave
Goes back home
Changes his ways
Goes from unliked to liked and is now generous and happy about it.

Something like this, just to get a general direction.

And who is going to send me sample pics for me to use as a set for out heroes? I'm not going to be using the pictures themselves, just the basic setup of the furniture, furniture types, etc. I'm almost done with my setup already . . . I'll post renderings ASAP.

And . . . if anyone has any Computer Generated art experience, especially texturing, please post here.

If anyone can draw especially well, we need a story-board artist, as well as a concept artist.

Writers . . . everyone/anyone can post ideas, but it will be up top the lead writer to get the script done. The admin, the moderators, and myself will serve as colaborative directors.

I noticed that there is a 3D Devil clasping the earth in his hands. I recognize this as Poser 4 rendered image. Can someone tell me who rendered out this image, and get in touch with this person, and ask if he/she wants to be on this project?

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