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Default Re: Truth about KSigMason

I didn't realize I had tried to hide any of this? Plus, I now have 539.

He has one introduction post.
I didn't realize I was supposed to have more than one?!

He has only ever started one thread.
I didn't realize I was required to start dozens to hundreds of pointless threads like you have?

He has 536 venomous posts against other peoples truths and opinions.
So two of my posts weren't venomous? Plus, not all of them were counter-points and I would hardly say any of the posts I have encountered resembled truth in any manner.

All masons do this world-wide and each covers dozens of forums, using different stupid names. They can't/won't hear a word you say.
I have only ever used KSigMason on this forum and other forums. I have never registered multiple accounts. I won't hear lies, that's true.

They are criminal elite trained dogs protecting their poisoned bones.
I only ever have protected truth and fact. You have only ever posted mad rantings that make no sense nor would ever substantiate logical thought.

They are compulsive (foaming at the mouth) liars, all from behind the curtains. You have been warned.

Love, peace and FR33DOM, Joe Stirling.
You are the only foaming at the mouth and most anti-Masons do. They say they want to free the people from us, but in reality you'd establish a tyranny in your attempt to destroy us. We have done nothing wrong and in America at least I have the Constitutional right to meet and in private.

Have a good day.

"Quia tu lucerna mea Domine et Domine inluminabis tenebras meas."
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