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Smile End of our civilization?

End of our civilization?

As always, also yesterday, the "rush hour" were the people crowded into the S-Bahn. A young German, in close contact with an equally young Asian woman, she asked, "Are you Japanese." The person addressed replied: "Yes." He further asked, "Have you relatives in the disaster area?" Again, was her answer. "Yes" "Oh God, that's terrible for them to be in constant fear for these people," said the man "No," replied them in a calm voice, "I expected the disaster and was surprised that it has occurred now and not earlier.

You know, we live now in an important era in the 21st Century, in a watershed, the great change effected and breaks bonds. It's not just the human bondage, of which, as free as in Arab countries, all peoples and population groups, but in Japan, freed the earth, the nature of shackles and chains. In this time of the break, the cleaning, the reverse is not just people looking for freedom from their chains, but also suggests that planet anywhere where nature, the earth was placed in restraints. And if there is one country which has carried on this shackling and gagging to perfection, then this is Japan. Our country began as the first god to worship him all the technology and others to arrange under. All the major technical achievements have been created here or picked up, copied and perfected. We were convinced that everything is possible through technology. Under the slogan of a major Japanese industrial company - nothing is impossible.

But now Japan makes the horrible experience that it is not so: The technology has failed. She has lost.

With the technically most advanced country in the world, Japan was hit by a catastrophic earthquake and brought to its knees.

This disaster is a great opportunity not only for Japan and the Japanese, but for all people of this planet, for now, people must ask, what is not free in his life and enslaved. Because that will arise, with cosmic help in the coming weeks, months and years, and depending on the willingness of people from other disasters and painful processes. "

The young German was silent.

But we are reminded of the remarkable statement by the Japanese, to the prophecy of the great, wise scholar Peter Deunov which he proclaimed 67 years ago.

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