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Smile Hollywood for Ron Paul!!!

Hollywood for Ron Paul!!!

After the second in New Hampshire, gets the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul gaining support from the cool corner of America. Thus, not only Vince Vaughan in the side beaten by Ron Paul, but Juliette Lewis, although it is not a Republican. If this continues, it could be the first time an independent candidate for president Ron Paul.

There are not only liberal opinion-makers such as Jon Stewart, Jay Leno or Bill Maher, who recognize the Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul the real change, but more and more Hollywood stars who look at Ron Paul, the great hope. Ron Paul also receives support from the cool part of Hollywood, from stars like Juliette Lewis or Vince Vaughan.

Despite a sensational performance in the final Republican primaries in Iowa and New Hampshire Ron Paul will probably rise as an independent candidate for president in November 2012 into the race. For his ultra-liberal views have in the ultra-right Republicans little chance. All the more by the Democrats, where he will receive even greater support. So it could actually be that an independent candidate becomes president, what would be, given the situation, which has ridden the Republican and Democratic ex-president of the United States yet, the best solution.

Watch the videos here:
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