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sablefish wrote:
Hi Nemo.. "Fiat money is created out of thin air and the only reason people accept it is because of faith."... They except it because of the force of government.. not faith.

Fiat money is worth what the government says it is or else..
Hi sablefish -

I didn't say that, 55132 did. 55132 did a great job of going through the whole process of monetary deception. But I agree with you that it is "Force", coercive force at that, which ensures that we are maintained in a condition of unconscious, financial enslavement.

The Federal Reserve (it's about as Federal as Federal Express) has never been audited. And it never will be. The 2 headed dragon that is Govt and the Fed like to keep it that way. Their cosy and duplicitous relationship is to their mutual benefit.

The primary benefit to Govt is that through the Fed, they have a second and most importantly "hidden" income stream. The Fed's creation of money out of thin air (to buy Govt promissory notes - Treasury notes etc) means that Govts can fund their pet projects without having to keep going to the tax payer for the dough. The taxpayers pay of course through inflation, a hidden tax and the most insidious one of them all.

As for people not wanting to know about this . . .

I'm not naive enough to the think that huge numbers of people will rapidly wake up to their own financial enslavement. But, the numbers are growing and, more importantly, the rate of growth is increasing. This discussion and the many more taking place around the net are evidence of this. However, a massive psychological hurdle to overcome in spreading understanding is that most people actively choose to live in denial of this truth.

In 1973 in Sweden a bank robbery took place that went wrong. A lengthy siege ensued during which the 4 hostages, held in a bank vault for 6 days, became attached to their captors, a phenomenon dubbed the Stockholm Syndrome. According to psychologists, the abused bond to their abusers as a means to endure VIOLENCE. "Stockholm syndrome" explained more fully thus:

The Stockholm Syndrome is an emotional attachment, a bond of interdependence between captive and captor that develops 'when someone threatens your life, deliberates, and doesn't kill you.' (Symonds, 1980) The relief resulting from the removal of the threat of death generates intense feelings of gratitude and fear which combine to make the captive reluctant to display negative feelings toward the captor or terrorist. In fact, former hostages have visited their captors in jail, recommended defense counsel, and even started a defense fund. It is this dynamic which causes former hostages and abuse survivors to minimize the damage done to them and refuse to cooperate in prosecuting their tormentors.

When it comes to money and the Fed, 99% of humanity is undergoing Stockholm Syndrome. Having become fixated and addicted to this controlling and dehumanising money system, people find it more comforting to repel truth and embrace the lie and their own slavery to boot.

In truth, most people don't even know that they "don't know". They believe, unconsciously, without even examining their own beliefs, that the only thing wrong with money is that they don't have enough of it. They seek to acquire more Federal Reserve Notes, not realising that these Notes are the very instrument that keeps them enslaved.

This is what has to be overcome for us to build a Money System backed by the People as opposed to the one we endure, which SUCS (Systematic Usury Control System) controlled and backed by vermin. Clever vermin I'll grant you, but vermin none the less.

One aspect of PEOPLE'S MONEY is that it will be actively involved in Money Laundering. One of its key aims will be to launder FRN's into PEOPLE'S MONEY. In other words, FRN's are corrupted money and PEOPLE would be pro-actively involved in tidying up their money system by laundering FRN's into PEOPLE'S MONEY.

I believe that the most practical, inspiring and transformational work we can do, is to design and build and use a PEOPLE'S MONEY SYSTEM. All individuals involved in the field of NWO research, book publishing, media etc should then use this money system as a literal demonstration of our will to have it OUR way, not THEIR way.

We can NEVER be free of the influence of the psychologically deranged personalities that head up the Illuminati and NWO if we continue to use THEIR money. We must build a system that just leaves theirs in the dust. And we shall do this. It has been ordered and is on its way.

\"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.\" - Buckminster Fuller.
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