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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Now, if I were a "government spy," do you seriously think they'd send me here to talk about MKULTRA/Project Monarch when they have tried to keep these "grotesque" programs secret for decades?

Do you think they'd send me here to rant and rave about how they are LIARS??, pedophiles and men without SCRUPLES?

Do you think they'd send me here to continue to bash them about lying to the public and the world in order to invade Iraq?

Do you think they'd send me here to speak out against them, if I was "with them?"

They were against me in my youth. They didn't protect me. They abused and incarcerated me. They forced me to take an oath against my free will. They humiliated me, they tortured me, they sexually abused me.

I am not with them!! and I never will be!!

Neither party has my allegiance. My allegiance is to my COUNTRY and the American citizens.

If you can't look to your government to protect you, who you gonna call, "Ghostbusters?"

In Peace,
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