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hi,eddie here new to the club.
i don't have a problem with the bible.but it has to be a kjv.most bibles are bend for a reason.
don't listen to a minister and don't go to a one goes to heaven.
regarding gentiles:there are ,according to an old and a new dictionary two different meanings
old=none jewish and none christian
new =none jewish
now why is that?
do you know who the israelites are?
what a hebrew is?
what a jew is and when it first appears in your bible.
what a judean is and who judas iscariot is
to me it is very clear that the jews are not gods chosen people.then why is it, that there are 157 denominations in the usa, that al say that they are?hope i got my info correct on that.
if it is still a 50/50 debate the denominations should be 50/50 as well.
if you read the works of wesley swift on the true church of israel website it might explain a few things.
how many of the apostles were jewish?
there were people on earth already.were did cain go and who invented many christians are there in russia?
btw,do you know who fatima was.
bfn :-)
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