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peace everyone,

One may wonder, why would a book make all this noise and sell in millions! i believe it's because the book exposes a large part of the supressed truth, such as:

1- Jesus was just a human prophet, a mere mortal who was deified by the church to control the masses. The same thing happened actually with most religions, for to gain power, the religious institutions encourage the idolization of the dead prophets and saints, so that they may gain a God-like infallible status and control the people's lives.

2- Constantine, the pagan emperor of Rome developed a hybrid religion (at Nicene 325 AD) to put an end to the fighting between the Christians and pagans from one side and between the Christians themselves (about the nature of Jesus), thus pagan ideas and myths like (the son of God, the pre Christian god Mithras) and pagan symbology found their way to a distorted form of Christianity promoted by the church.

These are historical facts that even the Christian theologists don't deny, and are confirmed in Quran , the final testament which stresses that Jesus was just a mere mortal, a human prophet whose name was used by Satan to distract the people from the one true god.

One may also wonder about the silence of the church infront of this expose!, for the book claims that there are supressed documents (the Holy grail) that relate the true history of Christ as a mere mortal.

However the book ironically, while debunking the hoax that Jesus was a divine creature, it promotes another divine creature!! None but Mary Magdeline, the book claims that Mary married Jesus (which might very well be true considering he was just a human prophet like any other prophet) and had sons, and that his bloodline is targeted by the church in their never ending attempts to supress the truth about Jesus being a human prophet.

The book elaborates on the sacredness and divinity of Mary, and how the secret societies over the centuries carried the responsbility of protecting her story, documents and bloodline.

To summarize it, the book seems to replace a divine Jesus with a divine Mary! which ofcourse doesn't make any sense.

For anybody who wants to know the truth about Jesus, i recommend the final testament, Quran, for it has a built in proof of authenticity, the miracle of 19.

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