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Default Re: Known Alien Bases?

Originally Posted by Ian Moone View Post
You know,
How do they protect all these tunnels from the average idiot who drills a water hole in his back yard and hits a bit of cap rock and says to himself _ I know I'll throw a half dozen sticks a dynamite down the hole and blast that sucka rock to smithereens!
Ok, the average idiot doesn't drill for oil or water in their backyard, they go to their neighbors house dumbass. I made $27 million dollars selling the crude i've drilled in my neighborhood alone.

Also, these tunnels do exist because i found 45 BILLION dollars worth of alien treasure in them. I encountered it back in 1973, back when i was just a kid. I realize now how important these tunnels are to our society, and hope you can appreciate that as well.

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