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Default Re: The Antichrist Exposed! Danger Jesus Is The Antichrist!

I dont know if you still get on this site since you have the label "banned" under your screen name, but I want to add to your thoughtful post. I see some of the same things you do in the bible with a twist however. I see that worshiping "Jesus" is adultery and idolatry and breaks 4 of the 10 original commandments. I also see in Duet 28 that a "test" would be sent... who better than the adversary, satan. His reward is his "special treasure" spoken by the prophets, will be those who choose to follow him. The adversary is not an evil being who is a dragon, these are poetical descriptions as we have been indoctrinated to believe God=all good and Satan=all bad. Satan is like the son the messed up and was kicked out of his parents house... what does a parent do? Gives the son chances to make it up! This is why Jesus (or rather Yashua) says very strategically... wise are the ones who know the father as they know me because of knowing Him. If oyu know the Old Testament, you know that prophets will be raised up speaking God's words and you are not to be afraid, do not follow him if he leads you to gods you have not known, and he will surely die. Malachi said that God will send the curse/test over the people if the first who is to come to bring together father and son, mother and daughter and mother in law and daughter in law does not work... John the Baptist was the one announced as bringing his purpose to do just that and he was cut off literally... just as the prophet Daniel spoke of (or was the Ezekiel... they run together sometimes). It would seem, then that Yonathon the Baptiser was the actual messiah and Jesus/Yeshua was the false one set up Ie killed on a cross at the holy of holies...

He even said "it is done" just before he died. It is done is spoken about in Revelations in terms of setting up the beginning of gathering God's harvest for His Glory to be poured out in the name of his chosen lamb... Jacob/Israel... the Lion of Tribe of Judah.

Any religion who worships a dead man on a cross, who died because of sinful man, not to take on the sins of all men who give their lives to him... that was a man-made concept by the beasts of the earth... Peter, Paul and the like who write it down to make certain you trust no other source than theirs bc anyone who speaks against their source is an evil anti-christ! Hooey... its all the biggest deception in history... and Christians/Catholics and any religion who worships him is walking straight into the trap.

This is to say if any of it is real at all. The more I read the more I wonder what kind of governing agent would lead Abraham up a hill to slaughter his son... or lead their group out of slavery only to wander for 40 years in a desert. I dont know... but on the chance that the Jews are right, I vote for not worshiping a man whose death is celebrated... and who commanded us to drink his blood and eat his body in rememberance of him... Ill take the other "guy"... the original God, before that anyday!

I like some of the "Christian" ideals taught by Jesus... however who would know the original scripture better than God's son... and we know who that is but nobody wants to say it...except me and the OP here on this website. I think there are a few other articles/posts elsewhere with this insight, but I havent seen many. How can we form our own religion? Maybe Yashua was right, the narrow path has few who know the truth... the blind are the many... the walking dead of the earth.

Jesus is the most misunderstood being in history... this calls for the patience of the saints, those who are true to the commandments. Do not commit adultery by worshiping a man created idol of a man who was beaten to death and hung on a cross... also dont worship the cross, its a deathbed! Are you sick?
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