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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

I refer to another video which claims Rhianna may be an Illuminati mind control victim:

The film focusses in on the music video "Disturbia" and details numerous images apparently portraying demonic possession.

But one graphic image the film completely ignores and which was THE image I first noticed myself when I viewed the video critically before watching the above You Tube video, is Rhianna apparently fastened to a wooden stake with flames licking around her.

Amazing as it may sound there are other music videos out there where the artist seems to catch fire. Eminem catches fire at the end of the music video "Love The Way You Lie", which also features Rhianna.

However the worst of all has to be Skylar Grey's "Invisible". When I first saw this video I found it quite shocking. Towards the end of the video the singer takes out a cigarette lighter and sets fire to herself while all around ignore her situation as she rapidly turns into a human torch:

But is it really necessary that the artist should be engulfed in a ball of flames just to invoke pathos?

It's interesting also that in Christina Aguilera's "Not Myself Tonight" the artist sets fire to her own wardrobe in an apparent act of defiance. The fire and burning theme appears in other videos as well.
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