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Default Re: Animated Cartoons: Entertainment or Highway to Hell?

Originally Posted by Algebra View Post
At it again with your endless preaching about how the devil is everywhere.

I think you,ve fell under his spell. I was open minded about religeon untill i read your posts. If all it serves to do is turn people in to narrow minded creeps like you.

The you can keep your christianity. Luckily im not so narrow minded to believe all christians are like you so do me a favour.

Get a grip before you kill someone or something and try to blame it on God.
You want to find the devil my friend. Try looking in the mirror.

A night in with the satanists for a bit of the old ritual sacrifice sounds more favourable than spending two minutes listening to your bullshit
no offence intended.
your new buddy.

You sir, are AWESOME! Finally, another atheist.
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