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Default Blacks with second hand shoes in Canberra and in Brisbane Au

See the shot of an aboriginal woman with a shoe .. brings to mind video of an aboriginal youth hurrying thru evening shoppers, clutching a pair of used sneakers, he had taken them from the body of a sleeping white man, he and another black had attacked and killed.

He never went to court, his companion got two years. I intend to pursue a capital case against both black assailants, and the lawyers, judges and politicians who prevented justice, the same ones indeed who perverted justice at every level, re the murder of Hoera te Kooti.

The murder of Katherine Schweitzer - She said Jews sent her family to Auschwitz
We have similar cases against white killers, with police and politicians not least for the murders of Jews Steven Goldsmith & Katherine Schweitzer.

Snuff porn in Brisbane, the Mossad link!
For snuff porn shot on the bank of the Brisbane River, on the grounds of Queensland University..

911 Australia - TerrorGrüppe Kurzberg - Pizza - Woodledoodledoo
While presenting solid evidence that Brisbane is a center for international terrorism!

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