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Default Re: Animated Cartoons: Entertainment or Highway to Hell?

Originally Posted by yanksrule46 View Post
I myself am a gingerian and I practice Gingerianism. Look it up, it's on wikipedia. Anyways, my beliefs include fucking your mom. She's kinda hot. I also want to impregnate your sister. THE DEVIL MADE ME TYPE THAT HOLY SHIT! One time I was watching a cartoon and then I went to Bikini Bottom and found Spongebob and Patrick. It was the episode where they were at Sandy's dome and it was snowing. If you pay attention, you would actually know that it was me jizzing. I swear that Spongebob is full of satanic message and you should not let your children watch this. Especially that episode. Also, I love the ginger Gods. It's a goat in case you were wondering. This goat controls every single cartoon on TV. DO NOT WATCH CARTOONS.
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