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Default Re: Allegations of Mind Control in the Music Industry.

I have a list of four music videos where mind control technologies appear to be important themes on a poetical level. Of course these things are always open to interpretation however watch these music videos for yourselves and make your own minds up:

In the first video, "Breathing" by Jason Derulo, we see the singer sat on a dentist's/medical chair which seems to be covered by cobwebs. The lyrics state, "I only miss you when I'm breathing" and we see images of the singer's torso complete with a stylized chest X-ray. We also see images of people wearing a breathing apparatus like a gas mask. The singer then appears to convulse and in spasmodic movements wrests himself free from the medical chair as if trying to free himself from an imaginary medical condition. Later on we see a group of dancers, including the singer, apparently dancing together while wearing straight jackets:

In the second video, "What You Waiting For?" by Gwen Stefani, the singer appears to be suffering from writer's block and so attends a Japanese run clinic to seek therapy. Just as she is signing her name on a form at the clinic she suddenly realises she is back at the recording studio again and things really begin to get a little strange when she finds an unusual pocket watch on her piano. Upon examining the watch she is suddenly propelled into an alternate reality involving an 'Alice in Wonderland' theme. This imaginary landscape is also curiously populated by Japanese men and women. (Two of these Japanese women also appear in other music videos by Gwen Stefani) At this point we get the repeated line in the lyrics, "What you waiting for? Take a chance you stupid hoe," accompanied by "You're still a super hot female, You got your million-dollar contract........"

The video ends with the singer landing back in the studio to complete the composition of the song, and then re-ends for a second time with the attendant of the Japanese clinic knocking on the window of the waiting room to tell the singer that she has her completed bill.

There follows the extended version of the music video:

The third video, "Nobody's Perfect" by Jessie J, is set in a haunted housed. During the bizarre sequence of events the singer is shown wired into a machine consisting of TV screens showing talking mouths which appear to be tormenting the singer while she sings, "No, no,, no, no, no, no......" She is also shown bathing in a pool of black liquid among other bizarre things:

I will probably be criticized for including the fourth and final music video "Make A Move On Me" by Joey Negro, as humour is an important theme throughout. However mind control is without a doubt the main theme of the video.

The subject of the mind control is wired into an apparatus which gives him a painful electric shock every time he makes a wrong decision and a panel of scientists sets the subject a number of multiple choice questions. One of the questions he is set is who is the sexiest of two bikini clad dancers but again he seems to give the wrong answer. He is also administered an injection from a hypodermic syringe. A female assistant approaches the subject and reassures him with, "Don't worry, I'm a scientist" and she slips off her lab coat and does a bikini clad dance herself. At this point the experiment appears to get out of control and to bring order again to the situation the subject is given one final huge electric shock at which point the apparatus appears to overload...............

Rather a peculiar theme for a music video don't you think?

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