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Default Re: Moon Landing Hoax?

There is no external video footage of any of the Apollo lunar modules landing on the moon, the only footage available was taken using onboard cameras. There is plenty of footage of landers leaving the moon which is a different matter entirely!

The footage of Neil Armstrong descending the ladder was taken by a camera mounted externally on the lander itself. It's obviously pretty easy to fix this in a way that it includes the ladder / landing pad within it's field of view.

Two main things should point you in the direction that the landings were real:

1. The Russians suffered great embarrassment following their failure to visit the moon, if it had been technically possible to fake a landing they would have done so. Plus it would have been easier for them to keep it under wraps.

2. Tens of thousands of people were involved in the Apollo program, after over 40 years no one has ever provided indisputable proof of a hoax. Imagine the number of professional journalists (not amature conspiracy theorists) who have been unable to disprove the landings in all this time.

My advice is that if you're from the US then bask in your country's fantastic achievements, and acknowledge your foresight in acquiring some very clever German chaps!!
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